Referencia: AEX/ADTIH

Indirect high pressure system for HFC 227ea and Novec 1230

High pressure bottles made of thermally-treated alloy steel without welding (according to instruction MIE AP7 for pressure devices and European Directive 84/525/CEE). Working pressure 60 bar, test pressure 250 bar, operating temperature from -10ºC to +60ºC. Engraving and painting according to the regulations.

Equipped with:

  • Main valve, made in forged brass. Provided with safety disk. Provided with a 3-position valve, open, shut and pressurization of the sensor tube with the same agent in the bottle. The valve state is monitored through a N.A. contact.
  • Pressure switch incorporated with usually open output.
  • A connection for Aedetec sensor tube is included. Trip solenoid (power supply 24V and consumption of 500mA).
  • Attachment fitting.
  • Flange and protection cap.
  • 1 output for the sensor tube.
AEX/ADTIH4 4,7 5,7 0,24×0,14×0,50 8,6
AEX/ADTIH6 6,7 7,7 0,24×0,14×0,65 10,3
AEX/ADTIH13 13,4 15,4 0,24×0,14×1,15 15,5
AEX/ADTIH26 26,8 30,8 0,33×0,23×1,02 48
AEX/ADTIH40 40,2 46,2 0,33×0,23×1,32 52