Our group

A Little bit of our history…

At the beginning of the 70’s, Mr. Ángel Aguilera Poza founder of Aguilera Group, starts his career doing houses and little stores security installations, which will later lead to installations in factories and warehouses, expanding the security with CCTV cameras and other controls.
Two years after in 1975 he became in charge of bigger and complex installations, among them the Headquarters of the Arabic Emirates in Abu-Dhabi where are used the most sophisticated equipment at the time.

At the end of the seventies in 1978 Aguilera Electrónica is founded taking advantage of the first Regulation which forces the hotels to protect with detection system the common areas. At this moment he gets a contract for the installation for more than 25 hotels, including the “Melia Castilla” in Madrid, “Melia Costa del Sol”, “Melia Don Pepe”, “Don Miguel” in Marbella, “Reconquista” in Oviedo, etc…
The need to protect the people evacuation of the big building like hotels leads to manufacture the first control panel.

Mr. Ángel Aguilera understands the chaos that might produce a beginning of fire or other risks in a big hotel. If coincided hosted 2000 guests and the only solution was to activate sirens to wake up two thousand people and which at the same time place them in a central stairs, the cure could be worse than the disease. At this time the control panel offering other solutions did not exist, and in this concern to give the best solution, is carried out the panel AE/H1000C which identifies up to 1000 points and coordinates the evacuation in a spread out, automatic and manually way.

The panel manufactured, started to be purchased by our competitors, we carry out the first ionic detectors and directional push-buttons manufactured in Spain.

The request of our products from the installers increased at such rhythm that the most advisable was to stop the installations since in Aguilera Electronica we didn’t think it made sense to compete with those who had become our customers, in this way we dedicate ourselves exclusively to manufacturing.

The confirmation of Aguilera Electrónica as a strong Company took place at the Seville la EXPO-92, where was chosen for the supply and control of the fire detection systems, competing with the multinationals already working in Spain.

Since then the demand grew very fast but controlled (18 to 20% per year) which had allowed us to carry out with equipment required by the sector , without complications, and creating the structure needed to achieve our target, “TO MANUFACTURE A GOOD PRODUCT AND TO GUARANTEE THE BEST SERVICE”.

In order to expand our services, providing to our customers automatic Extinguishing and detection systems guaranteed by the same supplier, is founded Aguilera Extinción, Company providing the best methods for gas treatment. The company has the first fire test rooms, locksmith’s shop and painting cabin to manufacture the manifolds and batteries fittings, it also has its continuous weighing system patented and uses its own valves, designed and carry out by the R&D Department.

To give an answer to the growing demand from the customers for those products, in 2006 Aguilera Group buys EIC (Fire Research and Innovation), company working for the development and manufacture of Water mist systems which is integrated to Aguilera Extinción.

Fire tests room

Aguilera Group with the determination to go further looking for new solutions and keeping the front line has designed and created the fire test rooms in Aguilera Extinción. Two unique rooms in which can be studied the fire behaviour towards two fire extinguishing and control systems: permanent inerting system and water mist system.

Test Room nº 1 is used to carry out tests for permanent inerting system; it’s 7x4x4 m room. The system consists in the reduction of the oxygen level inside the room, to reach a concentration in which a possible combustion cannot be spread. This reduction of oxygen concentration is reached introducing in controlled way nitrogen inside the room. Depending on the material, those oxygen concentration values fluctuate between 17% and 13%.

The tests done inside the room consist in measuring the ignition concentrations (minimum oxygen values) from which combustion in different materials is not spread. Even though the German regulation VdS 3527 establishes ignition concentrations of certain materials, not all of them are covered.

Our tests are used to document the behavior of the different materials which can be found inside the real installations. With those values we optimize the design of the permanent ignition system.

Inside the room is installed a piping system with diffusers for the introduction of the nitrogen inside the room, analogic control equipments (3 oxygen level sensors , CO2 sensors, dampness sensors, differential pressure sensor and temperature sensor), fire detection equipment (Aspiration equipment, algorithmic smoke detectors), air conditioning equipment, smoke extraction system and relief sluice.

For the design and construction of the room we bear in mind the need to reach a high grade of waterproofing of the same (n[50]=1) and then energetically optimize the inerting. We have achieved this sealing of all the possible leaks which could have been caused, in addition to do a special treatment on the walls of the room.

This room has also an attached machines room sized 5x4x4 metros where are placed the nitrogen generation equipment for the inerting of the test room nº1. The room is made of inerting equipment (consist of a compressor, nitrogen generator by membrane, control equipment and waste filter), one auxiliary storage system and nitrogen discharge (nitrogen cylinders and discharge valves) and fire detection equipment (aspiration equipment and algorithmic smoke detectors).

Test room nº 2 is a standard de 10x6x4m room to test the water mist system microaqua, designed and manufactured by Aguilera Extinción (the tests are done based on the test procedures described in the European technical specification TS 14972 from July 2011, as well as the procedures for the particular tests of Aguilera Extinción), carrying out efficiency tests for the water mist system towards low pressure extinguishing systems (sprinklers) and efficiency tests for extinguishing fixed systems by gaseous agents.

To carry out the tests we have inside the room measurement equipment (3 temperature probes up to 1200ºC, 2 oxygen sensors, 1 CO2 sensor, 1 differential pressure probe and 1 dampness sensor ), fire detection equipment (aspiration system and temperature linear detection system), smoke extraction equipment, forced ventilation equipment, overpressure and relief sluices, ignition equipment to make real fires, auxiliary equipment and material needed for the tests: buckets, supports , fitting,… and piping system (5 fixed + 2 configurable) made with outputs for the connexion of the all type of diffusers according to the test to do.

Attached to this room there is a pumps room, made of external equipment needed for the tests, which is water mist equipment with 4 pumps of 40 l/min and 140.