Referencia: AEX/SFKD


AEX/SFKD1D: Stainless steel diffuser for discharging a directional flow 3/8” female.
AEX/SFKD1G: Stainless steel diffuser for discharging a high coverage flow 3/8” female.
AEX/SFKD2D: Stainless steel diffuser for discharging two directional flows 3/8” female.
AEX/SFKD2G: Stainless steel diffuser for discharging two high coverage flows 3/8” female.

Referencia: AEX/SFKV

Relief valves

Low pressure relief valve: The relief valve is installed directly in the cylinder containing the extinguishingagent. Made of brass and nickel coating, with an internal actuation mechanismand a discharge port, it is also provided with a connection for filling.Use a pressure differential between the valve and the detector tube to startthe relief valve. When an increase in temperature is produced (110/120ºC),the detector tube melts producing an orifice that releases the pressure andtrips the valve due to the decrease in pressure allowing the extinguishingagent pass.

High pressure relief valve: Used when the system working pressure is high, installed in the auxiliarycylinder for dry nitrogen. In that element the three parts of the high pressuresystem are placed: detection tube, high pressure grid and the correspondingpart for low pressure.

Referencia: AEX/SFK


Relief valve with gauge incorporated.
Linear detection system through a temperature sensor tube.
8, 10, 12 and 15 metres of pipelines respectively.
End of line gauge.Attachment fittings for the cylinder.
AEX/SFK6. Extinguishing system for 6 L stoves
AEX/SFK9.5. Extinguishing system for 9,5 L stoves
AEX/SFK14.5. Extinguishing system for 14,5 L stoves
AEX/SFK18. Extinguishing system for 18 L stoves

Referencia: AEX/SFKTD

Detection tube

Detection tube made of polyamide, a type of material that looses structuralproperties when reaching 110/120ºC, which produces the activation of thefire system due to the depressurization of the storage valve.The detector tube is easy to install, even inside the fume hood and ducts,flexible and sensitive to heat.