Accessories for the duct system

AEVPIP-001. 25 mm. tube Red ABS of 3 m. length
AEVPIP-002. 25 mm. connection tubes Red ABS
AEVPIPCF.18. Flexible curve equivalent 70 radius
AEVPIP-005. Curve of 90º of long radius ABS red
AEVPIP-006. Elbow joint of 45º Red ABS
AEVPIP-007. End cap Red ABS
AEVPIP-008. Junction in T of 25 mm. Red ABS
AEVPIP-009. 9 Clamp for holding the tube Red ABS
AEVPIP-DCT. Decanter of condensation
AEVPIPTF.10. Flexible pipe section 1m
AEV-BCFP. 25 gr. bags smoke-producing load
AET-P01109255.ABS pipe grey section in “Y” for dual detection systemin PRO· SENS and TOP·SENS detectors
AET-P01109370.Capillary sampling point of 12 (9) mm
AET-P01109360. Capillary sampling 12(9) mm
AEVPIP-012. Tin 250ml glue for ABS
AET-3KH. 3-way valve (Hand blown system)
AET-RSV. Overpressure plug (Hand blown system)


Remote control repeaters monitoring the state of the TITANUS detectors.

Different levels of information depending upon the type of the detector. Available versions for accommodation in racks of 19″”.

  • Energy supply: 24Vdc (14-30 Vdc).
  • Max. consumption at rest 10 mA.
  • Max. consumption in alarm 11 mA – 65mA (depending on model).
  • Maximum distance: 1000 m.
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 57 mm.

AETP4-R1.Repeater PRO·SENS TP4 1 detector
AETP4-R2. Repeater PRO·SENS TP4 2 detectors
AETP5-R1. Repeater PRO·SENS TP5 1 detector
AETP5-R2. Repeater PRO·SENS TP5 2 detectors
AETT-R1. Repeater TOP·SENS 1 detector
AETT-R2. Repeater TOP·SENS 2 detectors

Repeater 19″

Dimensions 161 x 133,5 mm.
AETP4-RR1.Repeater PRO·SENS TP4 1 detector 19″
AETP4-RR2. Repeater PRO·SENS TP4 2 detectors 19″
AETP5-RR1. Repeater PRO-SENS TP5 1 detectors 19″
AETP5-RR2. Repeater PRO-SENS TP5 2 detectors 19″
AETT-RR1. Repeater TOP-SENS 1 detectors 19″
AETT-RR2. Repeater TOP-SENS 2 detectors 19″
AETS-RR. Repeater SUPER-SENS 19″

Referencia: AET-FC3

Fan Card

Additional card for increasing the velocity of the fan in the silent versions of the TITANUS detectors. It permits three fan velocities: 9, 11 and 12 v. It is housed in theinterior of the detector box.

Referencia: AETAF


AETAF-2.0. Adhesive tag of 2 mm calibration
AETAF-2.5. Adhesive tag of 2.5 mm calibration
AETAF-3.0. Adhesive tag of 3 mm calibration
AETAF-3.2. Adhesive tag of 3.2 mm calibration
AETAF-3.4. Adhesive tag of 3.4 mm calibration
AETAF-3.6. Adhesive tag of 3.6 mm calibration
AETAF-3.8. Adhesive tag of 3.8 mm calibration
AETAF-4.0. Adhesive tag of 4 mm calibration
AETAF-4.2. Adhesive tag of 4.2 mm calibration
AETAF-4.4. Adhesive tag of 4.4 mm calibration
AETAF-4.6. Adhesive tag of 4.6 mm calibration
AETAF-5.0. Adhesive tag of 5 mm calibration
AETAF-5.2. Adhesive tag of 5.2 mm calibration
AETAF-5.6. Adhesive tag of 5.6 mm calibration
AETAF-6.0. Adhesive tag of 6 mm calibration
AETAF-6.8. Adhesive tag of 6.8 mm calibration
AETAF-7.0. Adhesive tag of 7 mm calibration
AETAF-BR. Ribbon for protecting the calibration tag

Referencia: AETAK

Accessories for the duct system

AETAK-2.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 2 mm
AETAK-2.5. Calibrated aspiration opening 2.5 mm
AETAK-3.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 3 mm
AETAK-3.2. Calibrated aspiration opening 3.2 mm
AETAK-3.4. Calibrated aspiration opening 3.4 mm
AETAK-3.6. Calibrated aspiration opening 3.6 mm
AETAK-3.8. Calibrated aspiration opening 3.8 mm
AETAK-4.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 4.0 mm
AETAK-4.2. Calibrated aspiration opening 4.2 mm
AETAK-4.4. Calibrated aspiration opening 4.4 mm
AETAK-4.6. Calibrated aspiration opening 4.6 mm
AETAK-5.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 5.0 mm
AETAK-5.2. Calibrated aspiration opening 5.2 mm
AETAK-5.6. Calibrated aspiration opening 5.6 mm
AETAK-6.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 6.0 mm
AETAK-6.8. Calibrated aspiration opening 6.8 mm
AETAK-7.0. Calibrated aspiration opening 7.0 mm
AETAK-BR.Clip for holding the aspiration opening