Referencia: AE/CO-Z1M

1 zone central unit

Detectors developed and manufactured by AGUILERA ELECTRONICA, according tothe UNE 23300-84 norm and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

Designed for analyzing the concentration of carbon monoxide in garages and similar rooms, for starting the fan extractors when programmed values are reached, foractivating the evacuation sirens, if it comes to levels of high risk for the persons andfor returning the devices to the position of idle, when the concentration of carbonmonoxide drops to permissible values.
Equipped with:

  • Microprocessor control.
  • Auxiliary voltage output: 12VCC / 500mA.
  • A rotary selector of maximum concentration permitted by zone, with 10 positions allowing you to select between 25 and 250 ppm
  • A numerical display separate by zone that is permanently set at the maximum level of carbon monoxide being detected.
  • 3 detection levels and three relay outputs by zone Located in a metallic wall mounted cabinet.

Observation: when the installation has two sets of extractors by sector, the central units are programmed so that in the first level only one enters, and only if it is reallynecessary, enters the second set.

If with the two working sets functioning, still high levels of risk are reached (3rd level),then the central unit activates the evacuation systems.• With three detection levels and three relay outputs for maneuvers.

  • Capacity to control 10 detectors.
  • Cabinet measurements:245x330x120 mm.
  • Consumption at rest: 130 mA.
Referencia: AE/CO-Z2M

2 zone central unit

  • With the ability to control 31 addressable analogue detectors with CO grouped in two zones of extractors.
  • Three outputs for switches by relays and three programmable detection levels by zone
  • LCD Display of 2 x 40 characters for reporting information.
  • 4 control keys to configure the installation.
  • Alternation of the starting mechanism in the extraction groups, in order to balance its ageing.
  • Option to program the fans to boot up, a few minutes every two or three hours and clean the atmosphere of the room.
  • Stabilizer of consumption in the loop of detectors.
  • Cabinet measurements: 386 x 335 x 125 mm.
  • Consumption at rest: 140 mA.
Referencia: AE/GI-CE100

2 zone central unit

2 zone central control unit for gas detection, expandable up to a maximum of 6 zones by an AE/GI-CE101 module.

Modular mounting system in DIN-rail. It has a display indicating the real-time measurement of the detectors, 3 alarm relays,1 fault relay, programmable levels & control menu protected by password.

Power supply: 12-24V DC/4 VA. Dimensions: 71x90x73mm


AE/GI-CE101. Expansion module for 2 zones . Module for the control of two 4-20mA sensors. DIN rail mounting.

AE/GI-AL100. Power source 24Vcc. 24VCC power source for the CE100 system. 230V AC input.

AE/GI-AL101. Power source 13.8 Vcc. Power source 13.8 VDC for charging the emergency battery.

AE/GI-AL102. Powered by a lithium battery. Power source for charging the emergency lithium batteries.

AE/GI-BA100. Emergency batteries

AE/GI-GS102. GSM module. GSM module for the transmission of alarm messages. Control through SMS or tones. Power supply: 12 / 24Vdc

Referencia: AE/GI-CE616

Micro-processed central unit of 16 zones for gas detection, 16 zone central unit

Micro-processed central unit for the control of up to 16 gas detectors 4-20mA.
It has16 alarm relays and 1 fault relay. 999 historical events. Surface mounting.
Printer connection. Power supply 230V AC.
Capacity for a battery of12V/7Ah.IP:40

AE/GI-CE616R.16 zone central unit in Rack. It has the same features as the AE/GI-CE616 model, but for mounting it in a 19″ rack.

Referencia: AE/GI-CE700

Micro-processed central unit of 200 zones for gas detection

Micro-processed central unit for the control of up to 200 detectors, the first 16 detectors can go connected to the central unit, if you add up to two AE/GIES096 expansion cards (8 inputs each), the rest goes mounted to the AE /GI
– CE380UR remote units, through an RS-485 bus. The maximum number of remote units is23. Each remote unitcan control up to 8 detectors.Surface mounting. Power supply 230V AC. Protection:IP40

AE/GI-CE700R. Micro-processed central unit of 200 zones for gas detection to build- in.Micro-processed central unit that has the same features as the AE/GI-CE700 unit, but for a built-in mounting.

Referencia: AE/GI-ID250

Digital central unit of a zone for gas detection

Digital central unit of one zone for gas detection and built-in installation, equipped witha luminous display, a 4-20mA input, alphanumeric monitor that indicates the gas concentration detected in real time.

  • Supplied with 3 alarm relays, fault relays and a RESET function.
  • Power supply: 12-24V CC/1.6W
  • Dimensions: 98x50x100mm
  • Protection: IP40
Referencia: AE/GI-SE148K

Central zone unit for methane gas detection or GLP

Central control of a zone for the detection of methane gas or LPG.

  • It has a 4-20mA input, bar of LED lights, indicating the detected gas concentration.
  • Supplied with 3alarm relays, fault relays and a RESET function.
  • Power supply: 230V AC and 12-24V CC/3VA-1.5W
  • Dimensions: 160x115x80mm Protection: IP54