Referencia: AEX/SBP

Autonomous bottles of 4.7 to 120 L with continuous weighing

High-pressure bottles manufactured in thermally treated alloyed steel, without welding (according to the MIE AP7 instruction about equipment under pressure and the84/525/CEE European Directive). Working pressure of 60 bars, pressure test of 250bars, serving temperature from -20 °C to + 50 °C, engraved and painted in red colour (RAL 3002).

Equipped with:

  • Main valve, manufactured out of forged brass with a piston and an axle in stainless steel, equipped with a security disc and a relief valve to avoid triggering in case of small spills.
  • Siphon tube.
  • Solenoid for triggering (powered by 24 V and at 500 mA of consumption).
  • Micro-processed equipment of continuous weighing, where the weight of each bottleis individually controlled by analogue equipment. Mod.AEX/CPC.
  • Programmable unit that detects the weight loss from 200 grams on, formed basically by: electronic cell, microprocessor and digital display reflecting the weight permanently. Supplied withtensor, which allows to easily raise the bottle, connectors with hoses assembled forits connection and rest of complements.
  • Assembled in special metallic frame for continuous weighing, a discharge collectorwith a coupling thread, to the installation and a decompression valve.


  • A. The 80L and 120L bottles are supplied with a AE-250 valve of 2 1/2”. Equipped withiron fittings for fastening, flange and metallic hood for protection of the valve and itsaccessories during transportation.The bottles of 67, 40.2
    and 26.8 L are supplied with the AE-160 valve of 1 1/2”.The bottles of 13.4, 6.7 and 4.7L are supplied with the AE-100 valve of 1”.
  • B. Each bottle has the corresponding certificates issued by the Ministry of Industryand they are available at the disposition of our customers in our archives.
AEX/SBP1140FE 140 120,4 1×0,7×2,53
AEX/SBP1120FE 120 103,2 1×0,7×2,3
AEX/SBP180FE 80 68,8 1×0,45×2,5
AEX/SBP167FE 67 57,6 0,8×0,45×2,2
AEX/SBP140FE 40,2 34,5 0,8×0,45×2
AEX/SBP126FE 26,8 23 0,8×0,45×1,7
AEX/SBP113FE 13,4 11,5 0,8×0,45×1,8
AEX/SBP16FE 6,7 5,7 0,8×0,45×1,3
AEX/SBP14FE 4,7 4,3 0,8×0,45×1,2