Barceló Market

The market in Barceló street is being built according to the project of the architects : Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto, they were the winners of the tender called by the Madrid City Council.
This project will have a Sports Center, a school and 45 houses, in addition to the extension of the shopping mall in a 50% more surface area and parking for residents, market and sports center users.
The Aguilera Group products have been installed by SOEX, a total of 4 algorithmic control panels; 2 units of the control panel AE/SA-C8 (8 loops), 1 unit of AE/SA-C2 (2 loops) and 1 unit of the new algorithmic control panel AE/SA-C1 (1 loop). These four algorithmic control panels will control individually, all the devices of the installation.
Like in all our projects, the Aguilera Group has adquired the follow up commitment and the collaboration for the start up of the equipments from our technical department.