Sardinero Hotel

The Sardinero hotel will be ready for next spring, the customers staying there will have the feeling to have moved back to the beginning of the 20th century, with the magic of 1915, because its remodelling is the exact copy of the one built by Eloy Martínez del Valle in 1915, with its zinc flakes towers and its 113 rooms.

Among other peculiarities of this remodelling you can find the restored front original clock , under the same one you have a 50 m2 suite and under the towers you can find 25 m2 suites.
With this remodelling the hotel wins one star (will now have 4) and all its splendor will give more singularity if posbible to the sardinero area.

Ofinco has planned for this hotel one of the Aguilera Group Fire Fighting systems based in two algorithmic control panels AE/SA-C8, which will manage around 600 algorithmic devices which will send the information to a checkpoint Europe III which in turn will control the control panels and will present on screen any change of paramater caused in some device, showing the map of the sector where the failure is, the location, type of equipment and the anomaly. The installation will be done by Codelse with the follow up commitment and the collaboration of the fine tuning from the Aguilera technical services.

In Aguilera Group we like big projects and we work to carry them out with professionalism.