Power Station Valencia Airport

The new power station and warehouse of groups from Valencia airport is located in the south area of the airport, closed the services area. This new power station will give power to all the airport in view of its second extension.
AENA awarded the construction of the power station of Manises Airport to the UTE made of Obrascon Huarte Lain and Electrificaciones y Montajes integrales OHL who have installed the Aguilera Group Protection Fire Fighting systems.
For the detection it has been integrated the Titanus aspiration systems and algorithmic which in turn has been integrated with the AENA wonderwhare system. For the extinguishing system it has been used two different systems. The FE-13 for the protection of the Technical rooms which extinguishes the posible fire by heating absorption, in addition to its low toxicity making it the best option to protect the areas where the persons are present. The extinguishing with CO2, has been used for the protection of the generating sets. In Aguilera Group we design and manufacture our equipments looking after the real needs for each case. We go together to the technology to offer the best in Fire Fighting Security.