The cement works plant Le Ciment du Sahel is the biggest cement work´s plant in Senegal, which can produce over 600.000 tons of cement per year. Running since 2002, the plant has installed the Aguilera Group Firefighting Protection Systems.
For this kind of risk it has been chosen the intelligent algorithmic system made of one 8 loops algorithmic panel AE/SA-C8 and one 2 loops panel AE/SA-C2 which manage the 1000 equipments part of the installation, among them, detectors, pushbuttons, control modules, manoeuvers…etc. Both panels send information to a Europe III control checkpoint, which controls the panel among other things, receiving the information of a change of parameter in one of the equipment, shows on screen the map where is installed the equipment with a fault or failure, indicating its location, kind of equipment and kind of failure.
In Aguilera we bet on security and technology to be present in every new objective we are going to carry out.