Referencia: AE/GI-CE100

2 zone central unit

2 zone central control unit for gas detection, expandable up to a maximum of 6 zones by an AE/GI-CE101 module.

Modular mounting system in DIN-rail. It has a display indicating the real-time measurement of the detectors, 3 alarm relays,1 fault relay, programmable levels & control menu protected by password.

Power supply: 12-24V DC/4 VA. Dimensions: 71x90x73mm


AE/GI-CE101. Expansion module for 2 zones . Module for the control of two 4-20mA sensors. DIN rail mounting.

AE/GI-AL100. Power source 24Vcc. 24VCC power source for the CE100 system. 230V AC input.

AE/GI-AL101. Power source 13.8 Vcc. Power source 13.8 VDC for charging the emergency battery.

AE/GI-AL102. Powered by a lithium battery. Power source for charging the emergency lithium batteries.

AE/GI-BA100. Emergency batteries

AE/GI-GS102. GSM module. GSM module for the transmission of alarm messages. Control through SMS or tones. Power supply: 12 / 24Vdc