AEX/NAS24. Electrical actuator 24 VDC (solenoid)
AEX/NAMM. Mechanical actuator (manual)
AEX/NAN. Pneumatic actuator
AEX/NANL.Connection hose for pneumatic actuator

Auxiliary equipment

AEX/NCMB. Manometer with indicator of low level included
AEX/NCP. Pressure gauge (Normally Open/Normally Closed)
AEX/NCCP. Contactor of pass (Normally Open/Normally Closed)


AEX/NDL12. Diffuser of 180º of 1/2″ (lateral)
AEX/NDL1. Diffuser of 180º of 1″ (lateral)
AEX/NDL112. Diffuser of 180º of 1 1/2″ (lateral)
AEX/NDL2. Diffuser of 180º of 2″(lateral)
AEX/NDL212.Diffuser of 180º of 2 1/2″ (lateral)
AEX/NDR12. Diffuser of 360º of 1/2″ (radial)
AEX/NDR1. Diffuser of 360º of 1″ (radial)
AEX/NDR112. Diffuser of 360º of 1 1/2″ (radial)
AEX/NDR2.Diffuser of 360º of 2″ (radial)
AEX/NDR212. Diffuser of 360º of 2 1/2″ (radial)